Vintage Christmas Love

I’ve been away for a minute – but it doesn’t mean I love you any less, blog. Full update on where I’ve been and what I’m up to in the early new year (hint – I’m starting my own business, talk about distracting!).

For a Christmas quickie, I wanted to share a few vintage elements I included in our holiday décor this year.

treeAs I mentioned before, we lost James’ paternal grandfather – pop pop Frank – in February. Later this summer, the family worked on cleaning out his house and I was super jazzed to adopt some of their vintage Christmas items:

Especially these elves – forget Elf on the Shelf – these bad boys used to hold mini bottles of booze in their hands and James’ grandma, Eileen, had a sign that said “What do you think we’re Ho Ho Ho-ing about” with them. (yes, I took the sign). Since booze fest elves aren’t totally baby friendly, I added the elves to our WHITE Christmas tree. Reid loves to “boop” their noses while I hold him up, multiple times a day. He loves them. I think they fit in perfectly and think of our family when I look at them. Perfect in my book.

ornamentsI also snagged a few boxes of vintage glass ornaments. They are GORGEOUS. While Reidy has left the tree alone (except for Elf nose “booping’), I was not going to risk putting thin vintage glass ornaments on a tree with a toddler. SO, I added them to these glass vases and have loved looking at them this season.

My new/old family finds are the main decoration in our house this season and quickly have become my new favorites. What do you think?

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!


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