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GUEST POST: My friend, Food, and I are finding our way in this world.

*Allison aka Time Machine Taste Tester here – below please find an awesome guest post from my awesome friend Whitney from vinthea.com. She is filling in with some tasty vegan recipes while I’m being all busy, boring and diet-y. I hope you enjoy!* My name is Whitney. My stage name is Vinthea and we are […]


Found this little gem in a retro cookbook called “Gourmet Fare.” I loved the name and basically decided to give it a go from that alone. I did tweak it a little from its original version: Ground turkey was substituted for Ground Beef or Pork Brown rice was substituted for white rice I used 2 […]

Cleanse – Baby weight loss jump start

I know it took me 9 months to gain all of my baby weight, but with my body settling down on losing these last 25-ish lbs from my pregnancy 4 months ago, I knew I needed to change it up to kick my weight loss into gear… Pre-baby I ate modified south beach style. I […]

$10 Dinner Challenge

Today I joined a group from Cooking Matters Georgia as they toured the supermarket. Cooking Matters is a program that teaches families on a budget how to create healthy and nutritious meals. It’s a wonderful organization affiliated with the one I work for (Share Our Strength). Learn more about the work of Cooking Matters here […]

Meat Millionaire: The $27 grocery store single steak

So as I’m sure a future post will detail, my hubster and I are on a 24 day cleanse (no sugar, refined carbs the whole time, no alcohol or caffeine for the first 11 days) – SO, as we were on day five this Saturday, I had an unusual hankering for some red meat. Knowing […]