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Time Stamp (time to stamp)

Not a food related post, but a tie to retro-throwback-ness of the handwritten note.  I’m a BIG fan of handwritten notes – giving, receiving – I love it all. They stand out in a world of text communications.  Back when I found my iced tea maker and gilligan’s island cookbook at Goodwill, I also found a HUGE […]

My Foodie Valentine

Chalk another one up to my craft corner. From the girl who brought you homemade mulling spices at Christmas – this time it was hand crafted Valentines using vintage food artwork.  When I was little my grandma made me two framed collages for my room using her vintage valentines from grade school. I loved looking […]

Homemade Recipe Cards

After catching up with Grandma’s recipe books/collection, I realized I need my own recipe cards. I shopped on etsy a bit and realized that I either needed to be a Daddy Warbucks (“hello, letterpress recipe cards – I like your style, but at $3 a pop I will FREAK if I scribble something incorrectly on […]