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What a Crock!

But seriously, I stopped dead in my tracks during a recent target-ing (new verb!?) when I saw these beautes: My insane thought process upon finding this display: “I need these… all of these. What are they? What is happening here? I must buy them” “No, I have all of these appliances already.” “but mine are […]

Take Note – Notebook Paper Napkins

I first came across these cloth napkins from Leaf Cutter Designs that look like notebook paper in Food Network magazine over the weekend. I thought they were cute, but had to check my emotions when I saw the $32 price tag. Whaaaaaah! And then, today in the miraculous $1 bin at Target I found them… […]

Cans, Annie! It was only Caaaaans

I hope everyone enjoys my obscuro “Speed” quote for this blog entry title. I couldn’t think of a better way to intro my exciting find of the week – these limited edition Andy Warhol Campbell’s tomato soup cans exclusively launched at Target stores today. The cans were made to commemorate the 50th anniversary sinceWarhol created […]