Monthly Archives: December 2012


I was reflecting back on my favorite childhood memories of McDonald’s and actually have quite a few. We didn’t go there too often – maybe once or twice a month. I just recently asked my Mom why we only went that often – money? Health? And she said it was because she wanted to make sure we […]

Happy Little Christmas Trees

    Pics of my minty holiday trees on top of homemade dark chocolate two bite brownies I made yesterday to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!  I can’t wait to figure out other ways to use the silver dragees! 

Deconstructed Oreos

So, I’ve been known to make a few deconstructed items. It’s usually when I want to skip a step or two. Recently I didn’t feel like filling a piping bag for cannolis, so I took the filling and put it in a bowl with crushed cannoli shell on top: deconstructed cannoli. I did not mean […]

Homemade Holiday Gifts – Mulling Spices

Usually when I try a homemade gift like this, I make one and start fantasizing about how this will be my new business and how great it is to do this project… would I sell online or have a storefront? How much would I charge?  AND then by the production of the third item, I want to […]

Crisp Cheese Triangles

  I love the holidays, but I still get twitchy and nervous when I get invited to a party where everyone brings a food item to share. I feel like my food is a middle school student, desperate for everyone to like them. I knew the holidays were a PERFECT time to hit up my […]

Expiration Dates

As I’ve referenced before, my TLC  “Extreme Cheapskates” marathon viewing has impacted how I look at food. I watched a lady in NYC pick all of her food out of the garbage and eat it. It made me pretty sure I could still drink that creamer in my fridge that had a date on it from last […]

Foodie Holiday Gift List

Isn’t everyone a foodie? We all eat, right? I find it hard to believe only a select few of us actually care about what we eat enough to earn the title, but I guess that’s a thought for another day. I keep seeing “Foodie” holiday gift lists and got to thinking about all of the […]

Read me off a list of the things I used to not like but now I think are okay

I was reading Kevin Gillespie’s awesome new cookbook “Fire in my Belly” recently and loved the chapter he did on all of the things he used to think were gross and now he actually enjoys. The chapter is called: “Foods You Thought You Hated.” Not a sales pitch, but the whole book is pretty rad. […]