Monthly Archives: December 2012


I was reflecting back on my favorite childhood memories of McDonald’s and actually have quite a few. We didn’t go there too often – maybe once or twice a month. I just recently asked my Mom why we only went that often – money? Health? And she said it was because she wanted to make sure we […]

Happy Little Christmas Trees

    Pics of my minty holiday trees on top of homemade dark chocolate two bite brownies I made yesterday to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!  I can’t wait to figure out other ways to use the silver dragees! 

Deconstructed Oreos

So, I’ve been known to make a few deconstructed items. It’s usually when I want to skip a step or two. Recently I didn’t feel like filling a piping bag for cannolis, so I took the filling and put it in a bowl with crushed cannoli shell on top: deconstructed cannoli. I did not mean […]

Homemade Holiday Gifts – Mulling Spices

Usually when I try a homemade gift like this, I make one and start fantasizing about how this will be my new business and how great it is to do this project… would I sell online or have a storefront? How much would I charge?  AND then by the production of the third item, I want to […]

Crisp Cheese Triangles

  I love the holidays, but I still get twitchy and nervous when I get invited to a party where everyone brings a food item to share. I feel like my food is a middle school student, desperate for everyone to like them. I knew the holidays were a PERFECT time to hit up my […]

Expiration Dates

As I’ve referenced before, my TLC  “Extreme Cheapskates” marathon viewing has impacted how I look at food. I watched a lady in NYC pick all of her food out of the garbage and eat it. It made me pretty sure I could still drink that creamer in my fridge that had a date on it from last […]

Foodie Holiday Gift List

Isn’t everyone a foodie? We all eat, right? I find it hard to believe only a select few of us actually care about what we eat enough to earn the title, but I guess that’s a thought for another day. I keep seeing “Foodie” holiday gift lists and got to thinking about all of the […]