Monthly Archives: February 2013

Foodie Pen Pals – February’s Haul

As I mentioned last month, Foodie Pen Pals is my new jam. It’s a super cool, easy and inexpensive way to exchange fun foodie packages with like minded fun people. It’s easy to join and a monthy opt in (so you’re not stuck doing it FOREVER if you get busy/have a tough month/want to make […]

Don’t Cool Ranch me, bra.

As I mentioned before, I was beyond thrilled to receive my grandmother’s recipe collection. One that immediately jumped out at me and brought me back to my childhood was the recipe card for Baked Oyster Crackers. I mentioned this to my friend Ashley and she said her Mom used to make them when they were […]

Red Hot Cherry Jello

  FINALLY – I unintentionally felt like a contestant on “Chopped” (my FAV Food Network show) in my own kitchen! Throwing the red hot candies into boiling water on my stove is reminiscent of 50% of the “Chopped” episodes where they get some funky candy to incorporate into their recipe for their entrée course. I […]

My Foodie Valentine

Chalk another one up to my craft corner. From the girl who brought you homemade mulling spices at Christmas – this time it was hand crafted Valentines using vintage food artwork.  When I was little my grandma made me two framed collages for my room using her vintage valentines from grade school. I loved looking […]

Paring Wines to Pizza Sauce – Valentine’s Recommendations

I was recently asked what my Valentine’s Day dining plans were for the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Food & More Blog titled “Stay Home or Go Out for Valentine’s Day?”. I weighed in and shared the following: “My husband and I have a tradition of going out for our Valentine’s dinner on Feb. 13th. It’s insane […]

8 hours in New York: Macarons to Mac & Cheese

I was fortunate enough to tag on a day in NYC visiting a friend to a work trip to DC this week. I felt so much pressure – one day in New York – what would I do with it, and more importantly – what would I eat? I’m not stranger to NYC. I’ve visited […]